Divyashree industries is motivated at every stage to achieve and maintaining the highest quality by using Computerized optical emission Spectro Meter to analyze chemical properties at every stage right from raw material to finished goods.

We have implemented practices to assure you of the highest level of quality. We systematically review and continuously improve our manufacturing methods to exceed your expectations.
QC 1 Raw Material
Spectro Analysis is done for all the raw material.

QC 2 Casting
Alloys quality is controlled by controlling Chemical Composition. Spectro Analysis is conducted to make sure desired quality of alloy is manufactured.

QC 3 Billets
Are subject to Ultrasonic Testing to avoid the usage of internally cracked billets.

QC 4 Die
Are scrutinized to make sure Tolerances are according to customer specifications.

QC 5 Profiles
Are rigorously examined to meet dimension & visual inspect.

All mechanical properties are tested after aging.

Final Inspection
100% Visual inspection of each piece is done before packing.